The ROI Of Your Marketing Investments

Repeat customers account for nearly 50% of total revenues and spend almost 8x more than new customers. To make up for the revenue impact of losing a single loyal customer, you’ll need to acquire 5 new customers. What are you doing to protect your investments?



The ROI Of Building Better Relationships & Loyalty

Marketers are being asked to account for the impact their marketing investments have on the bottom-line. Investing in loyalty can increase, protect, and compound the value of every customer and all your marketing efforts. Find out how multi-channel loyalty is being leveraged to:

  • Simultaneously drive awareness, increase acquisition, improve retention, build loyalty, facilitate advocacy and drive revenue
  • Build deeper one-to-one understanding and relationship with customers based on their brand engagement, social activity and spend
  • Identify what combination of channels, content and cross-channel interactions power the path-to-purchase
  • and much more…