CrowdTwist’s multichannel loyalty and engagement platform is the ultimate solution to engage customers throughout the entire customer journey.
The flexibility of our technology enables you to offer unique, memorable, and branded experiences that keep customers engaged and increase
their spend. Our clients have seamlessly implemented our platform into their existing ecosystems to execute programs that increase acquisition
and strengthen customer relationships.

At the core of CrowdTwist’s loyalty and engagement solutions is a patented cloud-based platform that powers programs designed to work across email, social, Web, in-store, mobile, and outdoor venues to reach customers everywhere they are. As each company has a unique set of needs and an existing technological infrastructure, our team of developers built a platform that can support it all.


CrowdTwist offers solutions to support a range of needs. We’ve helped clients that need to launch a complete multichannel program and those that only want to use select capabilities to supplement an existing program.

CrowdTwist Enterprise – Our fully customizable, white label loyalty platform allows you to leverage all the capabilities of a CrowdTwist multichannel loyalty and engagement program. Our enterprise solution provides a full platform and robust set of tools for you to acquire, engage, and retain customers while managing and monitoring the health of your programs.

CrowdTwist Social and Digital – CrowdTwist’s social and digital programs enable you to augment spend-based loyalty programs by leveraging our multichannel capabilities across Web, mobile, email, and social. Our easily integrated loyalty technology allows you to extend your existing programs to deepen engagement with customers and collect more information to gain a complete view of your customers.

All of our programs can be executed using either a CrowdTwist-hosted or a client-hosted option to give you the flexibility to be as hands-on or hands-off with implementation as you want to be. Additionally, our programs allow members to log into your program using single sign on (SSO) so they can use the same credentials as an existing program.

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Activities  and RewardsImage

CrowdTwist programs are unique because they support a diverse set of multichannel activities and an assortment of rewards that increase engagement across all of your customer touch points.

Activities – Engage each and every one of your customers with a broad set of activities across every channel. Through activities such as connecting on social media, consuming Web content, making a purchase, attending events, and more, you have endless opportunities to reward your customers for engaging with your brand. Additionally, by allowing activities such as entering a code-on-pack and checking in to store locations, you can increase traffic through sales and retail channels, strengthening your appeal to brand partners.

Rewards – Our platform supports several reward types—standard (physical) rewards, experiential rewards, code rewards (e.g., discounts/coupons), digital rewards and sweepstakes—that allow you to have a robust rewards offering to capture the interest of all of your members. Our multichannel engagement platform lets you set up and manage all of your rewards within the system so you can easily track performance and inventory levels.

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Program Management  ToolImage

The CrowdTwist Control Center is the client-facing, online program management tool that is available to permissioned users 24 hours a day. The Control Center is a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of tools that puts the power of our platform in your hands. Using the Control Center, you can perform actions such as look up detailed member information, manage and edit activities, set up rewards and campaigns, access reports and analytics, and much more.

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Reporting  and InsightsImage

CrowdTwist reporting capabilities enable you to monitor the health of your program and glean actionable insights from program-driven data. Using advanced analytics and visualization, we provide you with in-depth details about what’s working for your program and what should be modified. Our Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tool provides member profile data, as well as week-over-week analyses of important KPIs, such as new member acquisition, purchases, activity and reward performance, and others.

Every program includes basic reports and dashboards that include drill-down functionality and exportable files to easily share results with your team. Our BI tool also provides report and dashboard customization so you can analyze data the way you want and create custom reports to stay on top of the metrics that matter most to your brand.

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CrowdTwist has integrations with over 50 partners to expand the breadth of our multichannel engagement capabilities. Some of these integrations include:

  • Email integrations – Email integrations with partners such as ExactTarget, Epsilon, Experian, and others enable us to send and receive data so that members can receive points for email activities such as opening emails and clicking on links.
  • Redemption integrations – Redemption integrations with partners including Gyft,, and more expand the reward types we support and ensure members can smoothly redeem their rewards.
  • Ratings and Reviews integrations – Ratings and reviews integrations with partners such as Bazaarvoice enables you to reward your customers for providing valuable feedback about your products and services.
  • Registration integrations – Registrations integrations with partners such as Gigya, Magento, and more increase the registration and login options to facilitate a more convenient and unified program experience for your customers.
  • Purchase integrations – Purchase integrations with partners such as PFS Web and Radiant Systems, among others, allow you to reward your most valuable customers for making a purchase.
  • CRM integrations – CRM integrations with partners such as Epsilon, Harte Hanks, etc. allow you to leverage your program data using external systems and deploy segmented marketing initiatives.

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Mobile ProgramsImage

CrowdTwist programs use responsive design so members can seamlessly navigate your program on their mobile and tablet devices, enabling them to engage with your brand any time, any place. Additionally, we’ve built a full suite of APIs that power capabilities for mobile and tablet apps such as registration, data capture, and reward redemption, and many more.

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Fraud and Anti-GamingImage

Multichannel engagement programs require complex and sophisticated controls to protect clients from the many digital landscapes involved in their programs. CrowdTwist has developed a number of proprietary algorithms and systems to prevent gaming across all of these channels. Additionally, we monitor and alert you of any suspicious user activity that allows you to take the best course of action. The fraud management tool within the Control Center provides you with a full list of alerts, flagged users, and actions to take to manage any suspicious activity.

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CrowdTwist’s commitment to security informs infrastructure configuration and secure coding practices. To ensure the utmost confidentiality of your information and program data, we employ controls such as:
SSAE 16 SOC Type 2 and PCI certification

  • PCI DSS v2.0, level 4 compliant
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Access to any server limited to small number of known IP addresses
  • Operating systems that can only be accessed via SSH
  • Firewalls that are deployed with each machine and configured using a deny first policy
  • True multi-tenant architecture

Additionally, CrowdTwist’s corporate security policies clearly state each employee’s responsibility for security. These policies are reviewed by a certified and independent audit firm, which specializes in SaaS technology and its unique challenges, risks, and industry standard remediation strategies.

CrowdTwist has numerous enterprise clients, many of which are held to regulatory standards and/or are publicly traded organizations that cannot risk any issues with breach of security. Therefore, we have undergone the SSAE 16 SOC Type 2 and PCI certification processes for security and availability trust principles. In addition to holding ourselves to these high standards, the company undergoes regular penetration tests by a number of clients on a quarterly basis.

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