Our programs can be managed in several different ways—using a self-service approach, through the CrowdTwist Program Management
service, or leveraging a hybrid of the two. CrowdTwist Program Management provides professional support of your loyalty and engagement
program so that managing your program doesn’t get in the way of other responsibilities. Our experienced team provides day-to-day
management to ensure optimal performance and analysis of the program.
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Each CrowdTwist engagement includes Operations Support to provide basic training, reporting, and client and technical assistance to ensure seamless setup and support to keep your program running smoothly.

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Marketing Strategy

Leveraging the data coming out of your program, our marketing strategists and data analysts work with your team to create data-driven marketing, messaging, and campaign execution strategies to ensure you’re gaining the full value of your program. Our marketing strategists develop a comprehensive plan that includes targeted campaigns and marketing strategies for every customer segment. As these strategies can be deployed within our platform or externally, we work with your brand, marketing, agency, and/or technology partners to execute the recommended strategies to engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Program Enhancements

Through continual assessment of your program, the Client Success team will guide and leverage existing functionality to ensure your program is operating efficiently and making the best use of CrowdTwist’s technology. The team will also work with you to identify new program opportunities and integrate new activities and rewards, functionality, and data sources to ensure the brand is amplifying all marketing initiatives and channels.

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Rewards Management

Rewards Management delivers superior performance of your program by balancing customer desire, attainability, inventory, and cost. Through planning, sourcing, and managing your rewards offering, CrowdTwist strategizes a rewards mix optimization that increases member engagement and minimizes liability.

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