CrowdTwist Strategic Consulting offers a methodological approach to help you design your loyalty and engagement program. Our process
equips your team with the rationale to make confident and informed decisions that factors in both a strategic and a financial analysis. By
performing tasks such as customer research, competitive analysis, user experience (UX) strategy, financial modeling, program design, and
validation, our team of loyalty and engagement experts will guide your team in developing a solution that achieves your organizational goals.
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The critical first phase begins with CrowdTwist and your team clearly defining goals for the program and assuring internal alignment around those decisions. Simultaneously, CrowdTwist performs an analytical assessment of your business such as current marketing strategies, your customer base, and the competitive environment to deliver targeted recommendations for future phases in the process.

Phase 1 allows you to achieve clarity around the challenges to be addressed and internal alignment around key objectives and priorities for the loyalty and engagement program.

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During the research and analysis phase of the consultation, CrowdTwist performs loyalty-centric analyses to generate actionable insights that will serve as the foundation for the program recommendations. By leveraging your existing data and employing additional research techniques, CrowdTwist uncovers challenges and determines opportunities that allow you to develop targeted loyalty and engagement strategies.

Phase 2 gives you a deeper, loyalty-specific understanding of your customer segments, associated behaviors, and financial value. Additionally, you will have the insight to determine where the opportunities exist for the loyalty and engagement initiative to impact your business objectives.


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In this phase, CrowdTwist creates a compelling loyalty and engagement program framework. Building upon the goals and priorities outlined in Phase 1 and the data-driven insights gleaned from Phase 2, CrowdTwist develops a recommended high-level solution framework. This framework incorporates focused customer marketing strategies to influence behaviors, an engagement strategy for customers and internal stakeholders, a projection of investment required for solution deployment, and an assessment of the potential financial impact of the proposed solution. Additionally, CrowdTwist will identify other areas outside of the loyalty program design that your team can modify to improve the overall customer experience with the brand.

At the conclusion of Phase 3, you will have a clear, high-level directional solution to address your loyalty objectives with a corresponding understanding of the financial and strategic rationale for that initiative.


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During this final and critical phase, CrowdTwist adds significant detail to the solution framework that will allow you to prep and launch the loyalty and engagement program in the marketplace. CrowdTwist prepares a marketing plan containing specific strategies and associated tactics, communication recommendations, enhanced program structure and rules, and a completed financial model. In addition, CrowdTwist assists you in defining a business case for the solution to effectively secure necessary executive-level stakeholders support for the solution.

At the completion of this final phase, your team will reap the benefits of a thoroughly developed and detailed loyalty and engagement solution that meets the brand’s financial and marketing objectives, incorporates a rich data-driven understanding of its customers and market—including both transactional and behavioral data insights—and leverages the knowledge made possible by CrowdTwist’s expertise in the loyalty marketing space.

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