CrowdTwist provides everything
you need to build and maintain
a successful loyalty program.
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Multichannel Loyalty and
Engagement Platform

CrowdTwist’s multichannel loyalty and engagement platform is the ultimate solution to drive new and existing customers to your company and keep them engaged throughout the entire customer journey. The flexibility of our technology enables you to offer unique, memorable, and branded experiences that keep customers engaged with your company and increase their spend.


Strategic Consulting

CrowdTwist Strategic Consulting offers a methodological approach to help you design your
loyalty and engagement program. Our process equips your team with the rationale to make
confident and informed decisions that factors in both a strategic and a financial analysis.

A Four Phase Approach:

Loyalty Program Management

Our experienced team provides day-to-day management to ensure optimal performance
and analysis of the CrowdTwist Multichannel and Engagement Platform.

An Iterative and Complementary Approach:


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Consumers are enrolled in an average of 10.9 loyalty programs.
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