CrowdTwist programs are designed to grow customer lifetime value through increased frequency and retention. We capture and connect data across physical and digital touchpoints to create a truly omnichannel experience.




Our platform seamlessly captures data across all channels, including social networks, e-commerce, mobile and POS systems. The platform combines an individual’s brand engagement, social influence and spend, building rich, first-party profiles offering a 360° view of customers.


Our platform features built in-algorithms designed to predict customer behaviors. Our predictive capabilities allow clients to maximize customer lifetime value through automated personalized triggers at all stages of the customer lifecycle.  Our programmatic capabilities optimize the communication strategy so that you’re delivering relevant, personalized experiences for your customers.  We leverage machine learning to refine models over time to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Our in-house Data Science team designs and builds custom models necessary to meet the unique needs of all our clients.



Drive personalization and deliver relevancy to keep customers engaged and coming back to your brand. Our segmentation capabilities allow clients to create unique audiences and serve them relevant activities and rewards. Delivering personalized experiences allows brands to deepen relationships and, in time, reduce the dependency on discounts and mass promotions to protect your margins. Through the platform’s segmentation capabilities, we help brands maximize margins by engaging and rewarding your best customers with exciting, relevant and personalized offers.

"We sincerely appreciate the CrowdTwist team’s commitment and passion to supporting the
development of the Groundbreakers Loyalty Program from inception to launch.”

-Jackie Kazaleh D2C Small Business & Loyalty Manager,  Carhartt