July 2019 Newsletter

How Francis Ford Coppola Unifies its Brands Through Loyalty 

Join CrowdTwist, Francis Ford Coppola, and MediaPost on 8/13 as they discuss how the Coppola Rewards program is uniting customers across the entire brand portfolio.


How Tarte Takes Marketing to the Next Level with Mobile & Loyalty

Watch this webinar playback with CrowdTwist, Tarte, and Attentive as they discuss how Tarte is creating additional touch points with customers through mobile messaging.


Amplify Your Content Strategy With UGC & Loyalty

Find out how to tap into the influence of your customer base, incentivize customers to share content, and leverage it in personalized emails.


Loyalty Best Practices for the Retail Industry

Find out how to build a successful retail loyalty program in this Q&A with CrowdTwist's Chief Customer Officer, Emily Rudin and Loyalty360.



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