VIZIO, one of the largest TV manufacturers in the U.S. wanted to find a way of strengthening its relationship directly with consumers while simultaneously supporting its extensive network of partners including Amazon, BestBuy, Hulu, Netflix, The Childrens Heart Foundation, and others. The Fandemonium loyalty program was created as a way for VIZIO to engage and remain relevant throughout its customers’ lifecycle–before, during, and after making a purchase.

The Fandemonium program offers members the ability to earn points for interacting with VIZIO and its various partners’ content–online, across social networks, and in-store–while giving them an opportunity to compete for incredible prizes and rewards. In addition to driving lifts in brand engagement for both VIZIO and its partners, the program provides the brand with extensive customer insight while driving brand exploration across channels, through content, and within its various online social communities.

By rewarding consumers with access to incredible product and content related rewards, VIZIO is extending its reputation for product excellence at the same time that it is building stronger and more enduring relationships with its customers.



  • Extensive Partner Network
  • Email
  • Website Activity
  • Social Networks
  • Promotions and Sweepstakes
  • Survey Tools
  • And More…